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3 Things to Know About Starting a Marijuana Dispensary Business

In recent years the marijuana business has really taken over the United States as more states are making it legal for recreational and medical use. As more research is being done about its significant effect on cancer patients, anxiety, depression, and inflammatory diseases, the market continues to rise.  Right now, it’s the perfect business to get into if you’re thinking, ...

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Lawsuit against Zantac

The creators of Zantac, a famous acid reflux medicine, are confronting legal claims asserting the medication contains risky degrees of the malignant growth causing substance N-nitroso dimethylamine (NDMA). Offended parties blame drug makers Sanofi and Boerhringer Ingelheim for assembling and promoting a prescription they knew, or ought to have known, to be contaminated with the malignant growth making chemical without ...

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Nutrition for Runners

There are different diets for different sports but running is a sport that perhaps has the most diverse diet. Namely, runners should be strong enough to last a marathon or a 100-meter dash, yet they need to be light enough to run fast. That’s why their diet must be diverse and include carbs as well […] The post Nutrition for ...

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10 Best Simple Exercise Equipment Pieces for Working Out

Exercising brings plenty of benefits to our bodies and mind, but you might not love all of the exercise equipment the same. What is more, sometimes gyms are overwhelming with the number of different props, and you often can’t make a decision of what to use. Plus, if you are making your own gym at […] The post 10 Best ...

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