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Gym Workout Routine | Machines, Weights, and etc

HI LOVES! Here’s my typical gym routine! If you’d like specific ones (arms, legs..) let me know!
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  1. Cindy Vanessa Salazar

    I’m glad I decided to pay for a trainer. None of this is something my trainer has taught me, starting with your form! Wow not trying to be mean but just for those who are looking for helpful videos I don’t think this is the one.
    Form is very important to get the job done but most importantly to not get injured.

  2. Majority of video is talking about your app. Stfu show us what to do AT the gym

  3. Your form is very concerning omg. Please work on it, I’d hate for you to get hurt!

  4. Add my fitness account on ig to hear my story @jey_fit_

  5. Your form is so bad you look like you're just throwing around weights

  6. Is that app for males aswell??

  7. hey everyone, I'm new to Youtube and just posted my own everyday workout routine, please check it out! Thank you 🙂

  8. I bet right now she's doing way better now! good job keep working

  9. Can't even understand a fucking work you're saying. It sounds like your mouth is filled with marbles

  10. Can't even understand a fucking work you're saying

  11. I think getting a trainer for the initial start is a good thing because form is very important so that you do not get injured.

  12. this is really really bad

  13. everyone is commenting about her form and yeah, its terrible, but did no one ask why the fuck she's wearing a smokey eye and pink lipstick to the gym

  14. Honestly doesn't look like she ever normally goes to the gym. By looking at her form it seems she only went for this video to make ad revenue. The jig is up

  15. You need to tighten your core, so sloppy

  16. Each exercise done incorrectly

  17. This was the sloppiest workout I've seen🤦🏻‍♀️

  18. every exercise you looked so unimpressed 😂😂😂 omfg

  19. What song artist are you playing?

  20. lmfao girl clearly don't workout 😂😂😂 that form is straight horriable! Definitely did this just for a pay check from that app 😂😂

  21. aurella sarmiento

    Wow your butt is flat 😂😂

  22. how do you wear makeup at the gym lol

  23. Not trying to be rude but your form is totally off, your going way to fast… Look into a personal trainer for a little bit.. Your going to hurt yourself if you keep working out the way you do

  24. no reason to get a trainer huh

  25. What app

  26. This video seems so fake to me :/ Like the form is bad and shes always shaking, it looks like she doesnt even go to the gym…

  27. Yes. Shows us what not to do.

  28. She looks crazy when she takes the picture lol

  29. Does your makeup ever sweat off when working out?

  30. where are your shoes from?

  31. lol I can not even start to pinpoint the wrongs in this video. You're as enthusiastic as a log not to mention half of this video was nonsense and very dangerous… lastly please just wear natural looking make up a full face of make up whilst working out is just not cute :((((

  32. what app is that ?

  33. Omg. She looked like she had no idea what she was doing. Your posture is awful. 😔

  34. omg her form is awful

  35. is this video a joke

  36. I honestly thought i was the only one who thought her form was kinda bad..I'm a beginner soooo

  37. Shayoni Mukherjee

    Which song is playing in the background ??

  38. I'm overweight and barely go to the gym (starting soon to get my pcos and hypothyroidism on track & to get healthy, yay!) and even I know that this form is awful and the way she's doing these exercises is dangerous and just not doing what they're supposed to to. Girl.. go slower and concentrate on your form and doing the actual exercise correctly and it'll get you results. Correct form over speed all the time.

  39. my joints hurt just from watching this

  40. Yoooooo keeping doing what you gotta do girl but get some strength and correct your form before you go posting videos

  41. but do you even lift??

  42. She swings way too much in every single exercise and "cheats" each one so that none of the muscles she's trying to work out are actually isolated.

  43. What are u doing to uourself?

  44. okay terrible form aside, WHY IS THIS GIRL WEARING A FULL FACE OF MAKEUP. Like I get it, some other girls wear some makeup to the gym. But this is full on glam makeup with lashes like what are you doing?? you should be sweating that off

  45. wow.. this is so laughable. the worst and most sloppy excerises ever performed you tube, congrats.

  46. You are joking, tell me. I know you are.

  47. Omg thank you for sharing this app. This is awesome!!

  48. what the…? were you abducted by isis when you made this video or something?

  49. You should do a workout playlist video

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