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Zero Belly Diet: Best Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe Ever

It’s so delicious, and so simple to make, that you can have it as breakfast, a snack, a meal replacement, or even dessert!

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Lear more at http://www.zerobelly.com.

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  1. I just made this for the first time and it taste really good so thank you for sharing

  2. Hello, I was contemplating buying your books but when I looked at the sample recipes I became disheartened. A lot of your recipes are for fish dishes. I never eat fish. I hate fish. I hate the smell of fish cooking. If I liked fish I could never afford swordfish anyway. Shrimp are bottom feeders. How can you eat those nasty things? Think of a single mother of one hungry teenager trying to buy the ingredients in your books; they don't work. Most of the ingredients don't work. How can I buy steak when all I can afford is hamburger. I buy the lean organic kind but still it even costs a lot. Also I don't have a grill. I have a stove, an oven, an air fryer, and a pressure cooker. Most of all of your menus are grill this grill that. I do have a thing that can make smoothies though. A bag of frozen organic berries is 9.94. I have 400.00 a month to buy food and supplies with. That includes cleaning supplies and things like toilet paper, shampoo, soap. etc. So how am I supposed to even be able to buy what is needed for your program? Maybe you should write a book and call it zero belly recipes for the working poor. I am sick to death of buying books with recipes only to find out that they are written for the wealthy or at least the upper middle class. Even the upper middle class is struggling. They are trying to find every way they can just to keep their jobs with facial treatments, nice clothing, a hard body etc. They are up to their ears in debt just trying to keep employed so their children can go to college and hopefully have a future. I feel excluded because I am working class poor. If anyone knows anyway to turn hamburger into steak then let me know. I can afford chicken but eating it every night is not going to help. Also I am supposed to afford plant based protein powder? Where do I get this anyway; Vitamin Cottage? Well protein powder is another 20.00 bucks for a 2 week supply. Yogurt is the cheapest form of protein that can be used in smoothies. I can get a tub of that for five dollars. I dare you to answer this question sir, dare you!

  3. Dont mean to hijack this post but is Zorbyn XCG Protocol (google it) really effective when it comes to losing weight? Whatever you say Im ready to buy it as Ive seen a lot of people who are having amazing success with it.

  4. This recipe is not only healthy, but yummy!

  5. How big of a scoop?

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