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Almond Joy Fat Bombs | Easy Keto Dessert Recipe

Almond Joy Fat Bombs | Easy Keto Dessert Recipe
**Recipe** http://bit.ly/2tBuI5R

Xanthan Gum: http://geni.us/vXmb
Almond Extract: http://geni.us/J06j
Coconut Flakes: http://geni.us/t1bh
Bakers Chocolate: http://geni.us/3PNNw
Coconut Milk: http://geni.us/JxUTuqv

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Almond Joy Fat Bombs | Easy Keto Dessert Recipe
Almond Joy Fat Bombs | Easy Keto Dessert Recipe

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  1. I saw a lady use this neat little tiny slotted spoon to dip things into chocolate, that way it covers everything better

  2. Why not just use like a sauce brush to apply the chocolate?

  3. I am out of coconut milk, and no xanthum gum..will use gelatin ( unflavoured) and whole cream instead….mmm

  4. I made these! Almond joys are one of my favorites. Recipe was very easy and tasty-will definitely make again. I didn’t have stevia so I used swerve to taste and the Lily stevia sweetened dark chocolate.

  5. Tan and Han's Vegan Adventures

    I think I would dip the bars and almonds separately then add the almonds to the top and freeze.

  6. Almond joy is one of my favorite candies…💕


  7. I like guilt free eating. Thank you so much.

  8. I go for the coconut first

  9. Doing this week!!

  10. Is there a sugar replacement that tastes more like sugar? Stevia just doesn’t do it for me

  11. Look like shit!

  12. Shake the coconut milk before you open the can. 🙂

  13. truthnfreedomseeker

    YUM! Can't wait to make these. Thanks!

  14. Here is a must, must make

  15. Oh my …. just have to make these. Almond Joys are my favorite. Now you need to do Midnight Milky Ways.

  16. Adam and Jes Fernandez

    Enjoyed the bomb but the family wasn't crazy about the strong almond flavor. This time I substituted the almond for vanilla extract and added 1 tbsp GFB (for added flavor). Very delicious!!

  17. Was there a reason for not shaking the can of coconut milk to mix it before opening?

  18. Can someone create a keto site that sells things like these?! I really don’t have the patience to cook! 😍

  19. So, you don't need protein powder to make fat bombs?

  20. I'm thinking you could add crushed nuts / almonds to the mixture instead of adding the one to the top. That way you still get the crunch and extra taste from the nuts. Good job tho, can't wait to try them. 👍🏻

  21. Enjoyed making these, Do you guys have a cookbook?

  22. I just made these..my chocolate was thin to..I dipped the bottom and then just drizzled it over the top..Family loved them..Thanks for the great recipe❤

  23. Thank you. What I would do is melt the chocolate and coconut oil together. Add sweetener and extract. Put chopped macadamia nuts and unsweetened coconut in it. Stir it up and drop by teaspoons on waxed paper or parchment paper. Put in the fridge.

  24. I made this today. The chocolate no matter how much stevia I added. It did not taste sweet. I am wondering if my Walmart brand stevia vs your better stevia taste different. Is that possible?

  25. These are my all time favorite fat bombs! So yummy! I make mine into bars just to make them simpler to make.

  26. I did these in cupcake molds. popped out the frozen coconut put chocolate mixture in there put the coconut middle back in, and covered it with chocolate. no waste no mess. they were round, not bar shaped.. that is the only drawback. great recipe. So yummy!! Thanks to things like this my husband is a happy keto partner! 😀 So many great keto recipes.. He feels like he is eating like a king ! Watching your videos more and more. You keep it real. I love that you do so many with allergy alternatives. Im excited. Gonna be getting your cook book. Im super hyped about the zucchini chocolate chip cake/ bread I glimpsed in another video you did. Holidays are going to be awesome this year! Thanks for keeping this real, and showing how
    doable this really can be.

  27. Like some little kids cooking lol

  28. What a mess

  29. I bet that makes funny looking toilet waste, all that coconut 😂

  30. ….when the title alone deserves a thumbs up !

  31. Hey Matt and Megha I’m just starting out on my Keto lifestyle, your guys channel is so helpful thank you for all your posts, but my question is why and what are fat bombs used/good for?

  32. making these for sure 🙂

  33. Like a macaroon…..your a natural on YouTube the both of you. Ignore the trolls
    We say don’t feed the trolls

  34. Can you get coconut milk unsweetened? The ones around here, are chock full of sugar!

  35. So why dont you use monk fruit sugar rather than stevia since it is so bad for you?

  36. Thank you for the video !

  37. Helen Harper-Davis

    I would press that almond on before chilling it. I think it would help to keep that nut in place.

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